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In 1930, as the United States was struggling to recover from the financial "crash" of the previous year, William J. Diller and Marshall M. Fisher confidently predicted the future growth of the Seven Mile Beach Island. Fisher, a native of Cape May County with experience in local real estate and Diller, an experienced realtor from the Philadelphia area, joined forces to establish Diller & Fisher Realtors. It was the beginning of the expansion and upgrading of single family residences in Stone Harbor and eventually, Avalon.

As success followed success, a building company was formed to be known as the Stone Ava Corporation. Working with builders such as Weatherby and Lester Norbury, the new group developed the small cottage often and alternately referred to as "the Diller & Fisher House", the "Studio Cottage" or the "Cape Cod". The one and one half story structure was marked by its unique interior with a cathedral ceiling over the living room-dining area and a balcony at the half story level. To keep the price low because of the economic conditions of the time, the interior walls were unfinished and could be completed or left as is subject to the buyers desire—and wallet. As the economy recovered this simple cottage expanded to include fully finished interiors, modern kitchens and baths and finally added bedrooms and appealing exteriors. It pioneered the upgrading of all residences on the island. True to the founders foresight, the company grew to be the premium real estate agency on the island.

Service to its property owners motivated both staff and officers of the company and in the early years an Insurance Department was added. It continues to provide property coverages today.

In 1979 Marshall Fisher passed away followed by the death of William J. Diller Sr. in 1981. A reorganization of the corporation followed and found William J. Diller Jr. and R. Jack Fitzpatrick as officers of the corporation.

Over the years the business survived fire, storms, floods and the ups and downs of the economy. With the expansion of our Avalon office, the growth of our Stone Harbor office, our staff grew to 20 full time agents that collectively represent over 400 years of experience.

In 2006 R. Jack Fitzpatrick passed away followed by the passing of William J. Diller Jr. in 2012. James S. Diller became president of Diller & Fisher realtors in 2012 and is continuing the traditions started in 1930 by keeping Diller & Fisher #1 in technology, service and commitment to excellence making us the Sales and Rental market leader for the 21st century.








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